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About Us

Premier Aerospace Services & Technology, Inc. (PAST) began in October of 2007 as a state of the art plastic components manufacturer. Delivering a full line of contract thermoform manufacturing services including, tool design and fabrication, built to print vacuum form fabrication, and fiber reinforced plastic constructions has positioned us to service the aviation industry's plastic needs. In addition to our manufacturing capacities we provide the absolute highest level of customer service to all segments of aerospace industries by joining over 100 years of aviation services experience and a firm commitment to customer satisfaction.

When Chris Lette founded PAST, he had a vision to offer a plastics manufacturing company that would provide a full range of integrated services for the aerospace industry. Through combining customer service relations with state of the art manufacturing services, PAST is able to work with all facets of the aviation industry including OEMs, commercial carriers, business aircraft, and individual owner operators. Whether the customer is seeking a single part or a large quantity of parts, PAST is there to meet their need.

Adding to our ability to provide the best services possible is our centralized location in rural Kansas. Operating in a small community, Udall, KS, provides us with a unique and dedicated work force not found in many other areas of the country. Additionally, we are located a short distance from the aviation capital and proudly operate within the boundaries of the leading aviation maintenance state, Kansas.

Office hours  Mon. thru Fri. 7:30 am to 4:00 pm CST