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GF0723200 - Wing Tip

Cessna 172 / 180 / 182 / 185 / 206 Wing Tip

Select Left, Right or Both on Product page.

Model Eligibility
172M, N, P, Q, R, S
R172K (HAWK XP) S/N R1722000 THRU R1723454
172RG S/N 172RG0001 THRU 172RG1191
180J, K
182P, Q, R, S, T182, R182, TR182
TU/U206F, G, H, T206H

Replaces OEM Part Number(s):
0723200-5 - LEFT
0723200-6 - RIGHT

Typical Lead Time 4-8 Days

Finish White primer, ready for paint.

Material Type: Fiberglass Laminate.


FAA-PMA: Approved


H99500-06 Console - Overhead

Includes Louvers & Decal(s)!

PA-28-140, 151, 161, 180, 201T, 235
PA-28R-200, 201, 201T
PA-28RT-201, 201T
PA-44-180, 180T

Material: Kydex 100 Snowflake White

FAA-PMA: Approved

P0715032-19 LH Door Window Molding

Cessna 182 Skylane LH Door Window Molding

Serial Range:
67716 & Up

Applicable Years:

Replaces OEM Part Number(s):
0715032-19 / 182R / Molding Assy - LH

FAA-PMA: Approved


V136-349 Vent Assembly - Louver

Louver vent assembly requires the corners of the original mounting hole to be squared up to allow the new assembly to snap in.

$22.10 $17.50
These parts cover a wide range of replacements for Cessna models 172, 182, and 210; and Piper models 28, 32, 34, 38 and 44.
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Come see us at Sun 'n Fun Int'l Fly-In 2017! We will be in booth B-026 & B-027.
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