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GF0723200 - Wing Tip

Cessna 172 / 180 / 182 / 185 / 206 Wing Tip

Select Left, Right or Both on Product page.

Model Eligibility
172M, N, P, Q, R, S
R172K (HAWK XP) S/N R1722000 THRU R1723454
172RG S/N 172RG0001 THRU 172RG1191
180J, K
182P, Q, R, S, T182, R182, TR182
TU/U206F, G, H, T206H

Replaces OEM Part Number(s):
0723200-5 - LEFT
0723200-6 - RIGHT

Typical Lead Time 4-8 Days

Finish White primer, ready for paint.

Material Type: Fiberglass Laminate.


FAA-PMA: Approved


H99500-06 Console - Overhead

Includes Louvers & Decal(s)!

PA-28-140, 151, 161, 180, 201T, 235
PA-28R-200, 201, 201T
PA-28RT-201, 201T
PA-44-180, 180T

Material: Kydex 100 Snowflake White

FAA-PMA: Approved

P0715032-19 LH Door Window Molding

Cessna 182 Skylane LH Door Window Molding

Serial Range:
67716 & Up

Applicable Years:

Replaces OEM Part Number(s):
0715032-19 / 182R / Molding Assy - LH

FAA-PMA: Approved


V136-349 Vent Assembly - Louver

Louver vent assembly requires the corners of the original mounting hole to be squared up to allow the new assembly to snap in.

$22.10 $17.50
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Premier Aerospace Services & Technology, Inc. has received FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval for 18 Cessna 182 Skylane interior plastic parts. For the list of approved parts, click DETAILS below.
PAST has received FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval for 21 Piper interior plastic parts covering 22 Piper OEM part numbers. For the list of approved parts, click DETAILS below.